Ignition & Engine Filters

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Ignition and Engine Filters
Here at Auto Parts Company we are devoted to offering products and services that will allow for your vehicle to run smoothly and efficiently. We offer a wide range of parts for your vehicle’s ignition and filtration system so that you can have a variety of options to choose from when shopping with us.

Coils (Modules & Other Ignition)
Ignition coils are a voltage-transformer for an engine. Engines require over 20,000 volts to operate but most power supplies only provide 12 volts to the engine; this is where an ignition coil comes in. Using electromagnetism, ignition coils are able to induce a voltage that is high enough to power your vehicle.

Engine Filters
As should be expected of a filter, an engine filter is a part that is designed to prevent debris from getting into your vehicle’s engine. Engine filters prevent things such as dirt, leaves, rocks, and even animals from getting trapped in your engine. It is important to change these filters out, during the intervals that are specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer, in order to keep your engine performing optimally.

Ignition Wires
Ignition wires are a vital part of a vehicle’s ignition system. These set of wires conduct voltage to the spark plugs and allow for the spark plugs to fire. Through proper design, ignition wires prevent an engine from misfiring. You should replace your vehicle’s ignition wires, when recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, due to the fact that ignition wires fail during regular intervals.

Spark Plugs
Spark plugs serve a very important purpose for a car’s engine; they are what give a vehicle life. Spark plugs provide the spark that ignites a mixture of fuel and air in the engine. This ignition then allows an engine’s pistons to move. A vehicle cannot start without this crucial spark, which is why we recommend that you change your spark plugs regularly.

Tune-Up & Ignition
An engine tune-up ensures that an engine is running correctly. During a tune-up, a mechanic will check multiple parts of your vehicle’s ignition system in addition to an engine’s filters and fluids. It is important to replace any parts that show wear as these parts can prevent your vehicle from running properly, or even running at all. Manufacturers typically recommend tune-ups at specific schedules, so it is important to check your vehicle’s manual in order to find the intervals that work best for your vehicle.

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