Fuel & Emission

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Fuel & Emission
It is important to keep your car’s fuel system properly maintained. A fuel system that is healthy will allow your car to run properly and will lower your car’s greenhouse gas emissions. Many regions currently have emission tests that ensure drivers meet certain standards, forcing many to regularly maintain their vehicles.

Carburetor Kits & Parts
These kits allow you to easily rebuild your carburetor by including nearly everything you will need within the kit. If you are not very experienced with carburetors, carburetor kits can save you both time and money when looking to fix your vehicle.

Carburetors are devices that mix fuel and air for engines. This mixture is essential for allowing a car to drive properly, as having too much of either fuel or air can lead to catastrophe for an engine.

Choke Parts (Solenoid Relay)
A choke is a part of an engine’s carburetor. The choke allows for air to be blocked off from entering the carburetor and is used when starting a carbureted vehicle. By closing off the choke valve and preventing air from entering the carburetor, an engine
can warm-up by taking in excess oil. After the engine is warm, the choke valve is opened and an engine begins to take in air.

Emission Parts
A variety of greenhouse gases are emitted during the combustion cycle of any engine; these gases are simply a byproduct of burning gasoline. As a way to meet government regulations on engine emissions, in the 1970’s, manufacturers began to create a variety of parts that limit the emissions of their engines. These parts all serve their own purpose and work in a variety of ways.

Engine Filters
Over your journey, your car will encounter things such as rocks, tree leaves, bugs, tree branches, and a variety of other things on the road. An engine filter prevents
all of these debris from entering your car’s engine. Over time, an engine filter needs to be replaced in order to ensure that debris does not enter the engine and damage any internal parts.

Fuel Injection
Fuel injection systems are mechanically or electronically controlled systems that control the mixture of air and fuel that enters an engine. Fuel injection systems address a few problems that carbureted systems have, such as uneven mixtures of fuel and air to each cylinder. Compared to carbureted engines, these systems allow for engines to be more efficient, easier to tune, and more economical.

Fuel Pump & Turbo Systems
Using the proper fuel pump in a car that has a turbo system is crucial. When taking in more air, a car will also need to take in more fuel. A sufficient fuel pump will ensure that your engine receives the proper fuel and air mixture while running.

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